WEEK 24: Assuredly a new life!

When I started my course MKMMA I was really expecting a radical change, but a little voice was saying to me inside: oh no big if you do not go to the end, do what you can!
With the training and the promises made to myself, it was impossible for me to listen to this voice. The woman in the mirror could not have looked in the face! or she would have told me « what a shame »
shame on you



My best gift was to receive an e-mail from my guide and I will put some excerpts »

« You are a part of an elite group.  You took the initiative to see value in the MKE and registered.  It’s like going to the gym or working out.  Half of the battle is getting dressed and physically starting your workout.  So the initiative was completed by your ability to see the value and begin the process.  Half of the battle is over?  As you found out, not really. 

You are a part of an elite group.  Each of you, in the face of examining your old blueprint, stared it down and won most of the battles (can’t win every hour of everyday – right?).  You began to answer your own call to greatness. 


You wanted to quit so many times and yet overcame the old blueprint, resisted and moved forward. »…… 

You can not imagine how  I was touched by his words – THANK YOU JUSTIN and thank you to all the guides for their wonderful work.

oisaeu cage ouverte

Another webcast on Sunday and I’ll tell you more later on the rest of my adventures. Congratulations to all the participants who did the work


WEEK 23: Never give up

I am so proud to have made this trip with the MKMMA, it’s been 23 weeks since it lasted
I was confident at first but I had a very big saturation moment at the 20th week.
A friend with whom I was chatting lately and who did the MKMMA last year admitted to me that she gave up at the 20th week and I could not understand it: so close to the goal what a shame!
Well here I lived the same desire to give up at the 20th week.
But the real teaching paid! the sit, the readings 3 times a day with Og, the key of the mastery every day, the index cards etc … and because I repeat every day « do it now, I can be what I want to be and I always keep my promises « I could not go to myself even give up at the 20th week.
Here it is now 3 weeks to reach the end of this program, but it is at the end that everything will start because the improvement development of his own life lasts a lifetime.
I would like to congratulate and encourage all those who have arrived at this stage and do not forget to say a big thank you for the teaching and dedication of Mark and Davene JANUSEWSKI




WEEK 22A: 21 days of meditation

hello my friends who are reading, we have been advise to stay in silence for a few hours this week, unfortunatly my schedule did not allow me to do it, but i had an idea to compensate that.

Each year i am doing 21 days of meditation with deepak Chopra, each session is 40 minutes, as i am going to start a new session on the 19 the of march, i made my calculations, and 40 minutes x21 days makes 840 minutes , so i will practise 14 hours of meditation in total silence.

So it is my way to repair,beyound a simple repair i really want to do these 21 days, because i could noticed last year how calm and serene that brought me.


WEEK 22: Laughter as a medicine against sadness

Scientific studies show that laughter has multiple healing and preventive effects: it is a cardiac stimulant, it facilitates oxygenation and reduces muscular tension, it reduces blood pressure and improves blood circulation, it acts against stress, it strengthens the immune system ,Excellent against stress and as Mandino tells it in chaper 22/10

« When someone tells you something laughable and laughs until your entire body shakes, you have proof that your mind controls the muscles in your body »

We can use this experience to develop every opportunity to laugh.

knowing that laughter is healing, we can easily replace all our negative thoughts with thoughts that generate laughter.

two laws come into play here: * the law of substitution which makes that a negative thought can not coexist at the same time with a positive thought, so it is easy to immediately replace a negative thought. * The law of vibration that leads inevitably to health.

Laughing is a higher vibration, so we can bring positive changes in the body..

At the moment I am writting this article I am watching the show « the big bang theory »

Guaranteed laugh, I assure you!

sheldonsinge qui rit


WEEK 21: Live intensely

On the scale of the universe, life is short, just a wink but relatively long on a human scale.
why embarrass us with false problems.Arguments, enmities, jealousy, envy, resentment, anger and so many others.

It would be enough however to love, to forgive, to admire or to share and above all to give happiness and to be happy.

Unfortunately our egos are the ones who rule our world !

They prevent us from living with filters that would annihilate all these disruptive feelings.

We must all decide to work on beautiful values ​​to beautify our lives and those of others. I commit myself personally and i deliberately  choose to let goCARPE DIEM.



WEEK 20: Mastering my fears !

I am too thirsty to realize some points of my DMP that i am starting to do more than my usual business. I am starting an activity of selling on the internet, and yet i do not control this sector.

Like most people who do not specialize in it, I just send and receive emails, but I can not even maintain my computer.

I am helped by professionals that I often catch to take me for a nil. Well my friends i have a good news :

computer science being mastered is one of my biggest fear BUT I am going to face it right away!! That’s all.  BAM!

              poisson rouge3_n


WEEK 19: Winter is coming

We are on break week it allows to release the rythm,but it does not mean stopping his homework: the sit,reading the GS 3 times a day, he master key and other affirmations punctuate my days.

I promised myself that i will go to the end of this program and i always keep my promises.

I’am on new projects and it’s exciting to vibrate as we approach a new day.

Anyway winter has settled in France and everything is covered with snow, so i am forced to retire and this is great to find my deep self.cerf-hiver