de quel cote de la force etes vous

the good, the bad this choice is permanent in our lives.
After a week spent with the MKMMA on the theme of kindness, we could see each of us how kindness is everywhere if we want to look at it.
When we see it, when we receive it we want to distribute as much as possible.
By doing and doing this again, it becomes a second nature and human relations become better.
We could stop wars with love! it's true!
I just watched all the episodes of the star wars series and this theme is so obvious that we understand that we are choosing our decision
and here is the passage that summarizes what I want to tell you.
Charles Haanel 16-26.
therefore, good and evil are not entities. These are simply words that we use to indicate the RESULTS OF OUR A
CTIONS, these actions being in turn predefined by the will of our thought.




I did not imagine before the MKMMA to spend a week on the study of kindness and especially seeing evidence and signs every day,And yet what is more obvious, more fundamental and more vital.

When you start with this topic you realize that kindness is expressed by different forms, different people known or not known, but that in any case it revolutionizes your life.

It does good when you get it and it heats the heart when you give.

In each case you feel in agreement and in harmony because at the bottom of you, you know that it is good and that you are on the right path: evolution.
So we’re in the week of Kindness
Let’s keep giving!!


WEEK 15: What differentiates us from animals

the goal of universal thought is to create form.
Wles motse know that individual thought also always tries to express itself in a form.
we know that the word is a form of thought and that a phrase is a combination of thought forms.therefore, if we want our ideal to be beautiful or strong,
the words from which this temple will eventually be created must be accurate.
They must be carefully assembled, because a construction of exact words and phrases is

Charles Haanel  Master key 15/20

A question for you:
QUIZ: What is the name of this very famous sculpture? and who is the author?le penseur de rodin


Gratitude has been my word during 3 weeks, so many beautifuls things, so many differents feelings in front of nature, so great communication with myself lezardand with universe..it’s good to go back home, to see my kids again, and all my family, i’ll be back soon to my paradise!

I just say THANK YOU

WEEK 13: Always connected

I have no trouble writing 3 gratitude cards every day because
the simple fact of being in thailand makes me feel grateful for life.
I diversify my reading by diversifying my experiences.
i can read my DMP in the pool on a boat or lying on the sand.
I take the opportunity to connect it with the surrounding smells, wind noise in the banana leaves or just the sound of the waves.
each country has its own smell and by closing my eyes I know where I am.
if, on the other hand, I listen to my recordings, I do it lying in a deckchair and I look at the celestial vault,
and then my connection is bigger and especially more intense.
you have understood: I take opportunity of every moment spent here to give life to my exercises and thus I color my life.
I print everything in my mind and my bank of memories.
I understand better the chapter 13 of the master key where it  is clearly said that the  dreamers are building REVEentreprise our world



WEEK 12: Still in my Thaî paradise

the experience continues in Asia, it's completly different now because i am far from my habits, my home and out of my confort zone, but
I hold good with all my exercises meet this new regine, because as i said to you previously i WANT to meet this new Régine and especially i want to create new
vibratory cells adapted to my new life.
it is obvious that to read 90 times a month a chapter of GS is obliged to change an individual as well as the vibration of the cells.and in addition there are so many other exercises !! Just an example:
getting a massage while listening to my DMP
and activate the 5 senses as it has been advocated, or
listen to my scroll 3 with the headphones while watching the celestial vault in the middle of the night by the pool is really an incomparable experience.here my playground is bigger and I feel inspired.
bigger, greener, brighter.
and google translation prevents me from transmitting to you in an authentic way my true feelings
and if I go back to the exercise that lasted 50 minutes, I did it and my sentence became obvious to me.
I really want to tell you more but blocked with English and dependent on Google translation.
and google translation prevents me from transmitting to you in an authentic way my true feelingsMeditate-Sunset



WEEK 11: It’s not an obsession but a commitment

We are in thailand since 24 hours, in a corner of paradise, the weather is so fine (30 degrees), swimming pool, thaî food, massages, farniente, all the conditions are met to let down the readings, the sits, the service cards ,but guess what? I I’m obsessed with wanting to go to the end of these 24 weeks of webcast because i have a dating appointment with my new self.

So the first things i put in my luggage were my books, my services cards and all the material you know, and it was very fun to practise during the flight, i travelled with my husband during 17 hours!! so doing the sit for example was not difficult,we were sitting all the time-sit-read-visualize- LOL.

All the exercices has been done and we continuecocotier-1249550084-1144108

Meeting our new self is something so unusual that we would not miss that for anything in the world.HERE IS MY DEFINITION OF PERSONAL COMMITMENT